About Us

What sets Evolution apart from the competition? The people, the passion and the equipment.

President Tito Toro

started what was to eventually become Evolution in February 1998 by selling car parts from the trunk of his 1989 Volkswagen Jetta. This hustle was the foundation he built his company on when he opened his first garage on Dufferin Street in North York less than a year later. Business got really busy, really fast for Tito as he established a reputation for quality craftsmanship, hard work and passion for all things cars. 

Fast forward 20+ years and Tito still has the original picture he took with that 1989 Jetta, but it now hangs in the office of his newly acquired, upgraded facility. It serves as a representation of how far he’s come, and a reminder of the passion that his company is built on.

The new facility is the 5th expansion he’s made in the industry, having outgrown the space and aesthetics of his previous 4 facilities. His company has expanded to 5 employees including himself, and 2 other full time technicians. What does the future look like for Tito? His goal is to keep doing what he’s doing and growing his business.

President Tito Toro

Tito Toro

Position: Founder & President

First car: 1989 VW Jetta

Started @ Evolution: 1998

Email: info@evolutionracing.ca

We like cars: we like working on them and fixing them, we like making them look good and go fast, and we like making our customers happy with them.

- Tito Toro

What makes Evolution special?​

Their in-ground alignment machine, and their tire and air conditioning equipment are like none other in the area. In fact, many other garages bring their customers’ cars to Evolution to check things like alignment on cars that are lower to the ground because their facilities are so modern and sophisticated. Our expertise has won us 15 awards across the GTA for everything from customer satisfaction to quality repairs.

4 Technicians: